About Sustainable TC

Sustainable TC was created to inspire sustainable lifestyle choices in northern Michigan.

As a person who is constantly striving to live my values, I have met many people in northern Michigan that also want that, but don’t know where to start. I have also met good people who have no idea of the challenges we face as a species, and the power that we have as citizens and consumers, to create a just, sustainable society.  I created Sustainable TC as a place where people can become informed and inspired to create the change we need.

We need to consume less and enjoy more.  We need to choose products that have a closed-loop life cycle, that don’t poison our soil, air, and water, and that support our local economy.  We need to walk more, and drive less.  Every day, we make dozens of choices that affect how our city, state, nation, and planet will look in even five years.  Our choices will determine whether our grandchildren will inherit a healthier planet or will be faced with the catastrophic effects of our lifestyle choices.

The good news is that the technology and science exists for us to change the course we are on, and as we have been told, once five-prcent of the population adopt an idea, it quickly spreads to twenty-percent, at which point it becomes unstoppable.

Northern Michigan  is teeming with businesses, organizations and people that are working toward a sustainable future.  Sustainable TC was created to connect these changemakers to each other, and to the resources that make sustainable living easy.

What if, from the slippers we slip on on a cold winter morning to the sheets that we pull around us when we go to bed, everything we use or consume is as sustainable as possible, and as local as possible?  What if just a few more of our choices were made this way?

What if more people became educated about sustainability, and together we demanded that our government protect us from toxic substances, and corrupt banking institutions, and promote policies that make it more affordable to buy environmentally and socially responsible, local, goods?

My hope is to strengthen and expand the community that is already in place in northern Michigan for conscious living.  Let’s see if together we can drop a pebble into the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed, and watch the ripples.

Maura Brennan

Founder, Sustainable TC