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In our Green Directory we list the companies in northwest Michigan whose environmentally and/or socially responsible business practices make them worthy of our readers “voting dollars.”  We also list the organizations in our region that are working to create a better world.  We have also included a few entries from “beyond northern Michigan” that we think are too cool to leave out.   If you have or know of a business or organization that should be listed here, please contact us at:  (231) 645-0827, or just fill out our Survey below. If you have any questions you may email us at:

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1. State the name of your business or organization, and what products or services it provides, and why they are sustainable?

2. Describe the steps you have taken to employ renewable energy or energy efficiency practices at your business or organization.

3. How does your business or organization minimize its waste stream?

4. Does your business use or offer customers 100% post consumer recycled paper products, compostable products, recycled plastic products, or any non-toxic, green building materials. Please be specific.

5. Are you, or any of your products, certified by a third party certifier? (ex.—LEED, GOTS, SFI, Green America, Fair Trade Certified, Certified Organic, Union Label, BCorp,) Explain.

6. Describe any additional policies or practices that make your products, services, or business operations sustainable.

Social Responsibility

7. Is your business locally owned? (If a non-profit organization, is your mission focused on northern Michigan?)

8. Is your business owned by a woman or a minority? (If a non-profit organization, what is the ratio of women or minorities on your BOD, or on staff?)

9. What social causes or community initiatives does your business or organization participate in?

10. Do you offer your employees paid vacation, health benefits, sick days, retirement benefits, or have any progressive employment policies? Please describe.

11. Describe any additional policies or practices that make your products, services, or business operations socially responsible.


12. Please provide a description of your business or organization as you would like it to appear in the Sustainable TC Green Directory. (It should be no more than 40 words, 200 characters, or 3 lines) Sustainable TC reserves the right to edit as necessary.

13. Please provide a link to a logo or graphic that you would like to appear next to your listing in the Green Directory. It should be 200 x 200 pxl and in .jpg format. You can upload the image here or email it to us at

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