Investing & Financial

Investing and Financial

In the wake of the Wall Street crash, many of us are rethinking our relationship to the global banking and investment system, and to money itself.

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Most of us are trading the bulk of our waking hours for a paycheck.  Yet, we spend and invest this money without really knowing where it’s going.

There is a growing movement to return to an economy that relies on our trust in each other, rather than our trust in the federal dollar.  Time banks and skill swaps are cropping up, in
which people can meet their needs by swapping an hour of their talent in exchange for something they need. Northern Michigan is one of several communities which have launched our own local currency.   Bay Bucks can only be traded locally, so they stay in the local economy, and strengthen local businesses.

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1. Invest in your community!  When you spend your dollars with locally owned shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers, you are helping your community thrive.

2.  Invest in yourself, and your home first!

3. Join a local currency, like Bay Bucks, and strengthen the local economy with your purchases.  Sign up to accept them at your place of business or in return for a product or service you sell.

4.  Find out exactly where your money is invested, and consider moving it into socially responsible investments.

5.  Consider investing in municipal bonds that support community projects

6.  Break up with your megabank!  Use a local bank or credit union for your mortgage and other banking needs.

7. Bank or invest with a Community Development Financial Institution, (CDFI)

8. Join a local investment group, such as As Local As Possible

9.  Consider bartering for some of your needs.

10.  Switch to a credit card that helps build sustainable communities.


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